US Labor Department’s March Job Report shows “we are jogging ahead and not sprinting ahead”


On April 9th, SuperGreen Solutions of Uptown Charlotte was invited to participate in the US Department of Treasury’s briefing on the Labor Department’s monthly job report.

Dr. Jennifer Hunt, the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Microeconomic Analysis at the US Department of Treasury, lead the briefing by reporting that 192,000 jobs were adding in the month of March, meaning that more people found jobs than dropped out of the job force last month. Although this number seems to show that “we are jogging ahead and not sprinting ahead,” the Labor Department has high hopes that the increase will stay.

Hunt also stated that it has been taking more time to turn the corner than originally anticipated, but we should see full employment in the year 2017. But, all numbers depend on the actions we will take in the leading months and years. This recession has been exceptional when considering the crisis in Europe and the hard hit that the manufacturing and construction industry took. This recession does not mirror recessions of the past.

It is too early to judge what the rest of 2014 will bring for our economy due to the full comparison  needed between different states and months. Numbers tend to jump around too much to get an accurate estimate this early in the year. The Labor Reports show, however, that we have started to turn the corner and we have lots of growth ahead of us.

When asked about job growth in the Charlotte area, Thomas Hsiao, President of SuperGreen Solutions Charlotte Mid-Atlantic Region, stated, “We have seen tremendous job growth here locally both within the green sector as well as small businesses overall.  Our company for one will be bringing on additional team members to be based out of our new Charlotte Mid-Atlantic Regional office in the coming months.”

What does Dr. Hunt and the US Department of Treasury believe is the best way we can increase job growth? There are two things: Help match people with jobs and help train people.

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