The Urban Garden

The Urban Garden
By Valerie Connors
Our country was founded on the dream of every family owning their own piece of land to grow and prosper. If you think back to those history lessons to remember what was most important to our ancestors you will recall that it was to harvest crops to feed their family and to trade. We were astonished by the colors and smells of the plants and food we were presented with, and wanted a slice of our own.
We eventually spanned across the continent, with our own personal gardens, fields, and production. Growing food was so important to us that Mother Nature even had to teach us a lesson on how to give back to our fruitful land so we could continue to enjoy it (the Dust Bowl). However, in the most recent years we are being taught a lesson that does not come naturally for us to understand.
In Miami Shores, FL, a couple had a vegetable garden in their front yard for over 17 years. Since their backyard did not get the prime sun exposure that many veggies need, they resorted to using the front yard area of their property. However, it was recently decided by the city that vegetables would be prohibited in the front yard of their community, leaving the couple with a $50 per day fine if they kept growing their own food.
Although this couple chose follow the new regulation and uprooted their garden, we at SuperGreen Solutions want to help homeowners to take back their home independence – legally! By installing a PV solar system on your home, you can be energy independent. Soon you will be producing your own energy with potential to make back some of your money. This does not compare to the ability to freely grow your own food on your own land, but it will allow you to take back some of your power without risk of bumping heads with code enforcement. Need some validity? Check out the Florida Solar Rights Law which ensures that you will be allowed to install solar panels where ever your home is located.

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