Are you Prepared for a Natural Disaster?


Pictured: Hurricane Sandy


On Thursday, SuperGreen Solutions of Charlotte participated in a private call with FEMA, an organization who focuses on supporting US citizens and first responders to prepare for, prevent, respond to, and recover from disasters. During the call, FEMA explained how small businesses can better prepare their employees in the case of a national disaster. The discussion was lead by Jeanie Moore, Director of the Private Sector Division of FEMA.

Having an emergency game plan is not just for those living on the Gulf Coast, Midwesterners, and Californians. Many communities are impacted by several hazards during a person’s lifetime. Whether its earthquakes, severe storms, fires, or other disasters, knowing what to do before, during, and after the emergency can make a huge difference.

We all know about fire drills, but what other drills should we be doing? How else should we prepare? Moore explained that a business should really look at what disasters are most common in the area and what would be most relevant to the business’ location.

Here are some basic protective actions that can apply to a wide range of natural disasters and hazards:

  • Physical safety is a concern for all hazards and may involve sheltering or evacuating.
  • Develop a family communications plan
  • Make an emergency supply kit to be prepared for any type of disaster.
  • Learn about receiving emergency alerts and local emergency plans for shelter and evacuation, local emergency contacts, and local advance alerts and warnings.
  • When recovering from a disaster, safety as well as mental and physical well-being must be considered.

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