Power Storage is the Future


In the United States, more homes are adding solar power every year. According to McKinsey & Company’s Solar Power: Darkest Before Dawn, 400 to 600 GW (gigawatts) of additional solar systems could be installed by the year 2020. However, a shortfall of solar power is that installations do not generate power when the sun isn’t shining. Beginning next year, SuperGreen Solutions will be offering battery systems that will allow customers to capture power generated by their commercial and/or residential solar systems.  Installation of a solar and battery system will benefit commercial and residential customers by lowering their bills as well as stabilizing the cost.


The technology itself is highly advanced. They have dual-use inverters that provide alternating current (AC) to the building as well as offer grid frequency regulation. These batteries can also operate autonomously off the grid as long as it is connected to a solar or wind system.


These will come in handy during power outages as they could provide up to two days of power to run your appliances and lights.  In fact, if an installation is designed properly, a wind-battery or solar-battery combination can provide power indefinitely. A homeowner needn’t worry about not having power during a storm; a company can rest assured their business will continue to operate in the event of a hurricane.


Beyond the emergency applications, battery storage can provide a new level of control for users. Many utility companies are implementing variable pricing -- meaning prices jump during high-demand hours. A solar or wind powered battery system will allow users to store power when the rates are low and use it when they rise. For example, peak hours would be the time of day when the temperatures are highest and a majority of customers use their AC.


Contrary to popular sentiment, power companies want to see more battery systems connected to their grid. Batteries reduce the up and down surges caused by typical PV (photovoltaic) installations.


The question is: Who can benefit from a solar and/or wind combined battery solution? While the simple answer is any type of remote location that requires power, these systems can benefit commercial and residential customers as well. Regardless of the application, battery systems are an ideal companion with any solar or wind system. Call or visit your local SuperGreen Solutions store for any additional questions on battery backup, solar power and how to save money by stepping into the GREEN future.

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