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Green Solutions to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient and Reduce Your Electric Bill

Join Missy Strauss, co-host of Radio Green Earth, as she gets a home energy audit and advice on how to “green” her house. We’ll also hear from Super Green Solutions about their solution to eco-home retrofits. An air conditioning expert will teach our listeners what consumers need to watch out for when buying a central air-conditioning system and we’ll chat with an FPL expert about the Top Ten Energy Saving Green Tips. And did you know that there’s an inventor who took Thomas Edison’s discoveries and built a box that receives more efficiency from your home electrical system and even saves you money? We’ll be talking about this amazing invention on the show!

We’ll also hear about Jim Jackson’s upcoming venture with the Marshall Foundation’s 2012 Canoe Expedition through the Everglades. He’ll be keeping us updated on their progress via email and cell phone updates! Jim’s part will also rendezvous with wildlife photographer, Carlton Ward, Jr. whose Wildlife Corridor Expedition will also be starting a 1000 mile trek through the Everglades at the same time.

Join us for an hour of environmental news, these feature stories, our green tip-of-the-week, and our environmental events calendar Thursdays at 9 AM on WQCS 88.9 FM and Thursdays 6 PM on Seaview Radio 960 AM, 95.9 FM and 106.9 FM. Also available live at www.radiogreenearth.org and on iTunes.

Click on the link below to listen to the Radio Green Earth's Podcast:

Green Solutions to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient and Reduce Your Electric Bill.