Why ventilating your roof lowers your bill

Many of us here in Florida expect the electrical bills to be much higher during the summer since we use the AC more to keep the house cool.

Did you know that you can lower those bills quite a bit when the attic of the house is properly insulated and ventilated? Without ventilation your attic turns into a giant radiator, forcing excess heat back into your living space – raising the indoor temperature, therefore raising the cooling costs.

There are several products on the market that are great at extracting the hot, moist and stale air that builds up under the roof, like wind-driven roof vents or electrically-powered vents. These units draw up to 530 cubic yards of air per hour, but… they use power to run.

There is something even better on the market now: solar powered roof vents. The Solar Star by Solatube and the SunRise by SunRise Solar. These units can extract up to 1320 cubic yards of air per hour and…they run completely on the FREE energy of the sun.

Here are some of the benefits for having sufficient ventilation:
• Air conditioning units work less, hence last longer and cost less.
• Well ventilated roofs help insulation performance, making the entire home cooler and more comfortable.
• Proper ventilation can extend the life of the roof since the amount of excessive heat and moisture build-up in the roof (which can cause damage to critical roof structures) is lessened.
• The indoor air quality improves with good ventilation. Mold, mildew and odors strive on stagnant air.

Another good news: right now – when you install a solar powered roof vent – you can claim a 10% tax credit on the material cost up to $200.00.

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