Energy Efficiency—For the Spring


Spring may not seem like the time of year to care about energy efficiency, but it is actually the perfect time of year to improve the safety and energy efficiency of your home. By adding a few easy tasks to your annual spring-cleaning list, you can make significant improvements to the overall energy efficiency of your homes and appliances.

  • Already dreading the summer heat that comes through your windows?
    -Whether you invest in Indow window inserts or insulated, thermal-backed drapes, you will thank yourself when summer comes. They’ll keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Ever thought of installing a Solar Attic Fan?
    -An attic ventilating system draws cool air up through the house and can provide the same level of comfort as an air conditioner at a much lower cost. Pump in cool air during summer evenings then seal your home during the day.
    -Solar attic fans do not require an electrician to install and come with great solar tax incentives.
  • Am I operating my thermostat for maximum energy savings?
    -The smaller the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures, the lower your overall cooling bill will be, so set your thermostat accordingly.
    -A Wifi-enabled thermostat, such as one from Lockstate Connect, can make it easy to set back your temperature even when you are not at home.
  • Do you already have solar panels on your roof?
    -Spring is the perfect time of year to get up there and clean your solar system. Solar panels should be cleaned at least once a year to help maintain their output potential.
  • Thinking about purchasing new appliances?
    -Always look for the ENERGY STAR® label. These are more energy efficiency and can help reduce your energy costs.
  • Ceiling Fans:
    -If you use air conditioning, a ceiling fan will allow you to raise the thermostat setting about 4°F with no reduction in comfort. Turn off ceiling fans when you leave the room. Remember that fans cool people, not rooms, by creating a wind chill effect.


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