Indow: Keeping Cold Air Outside

Tired of a cold draft seeping through your windows in the Winter, but can’t replace the windows due to Historical home requirements. Or maybe you are tired of waking up from the garbage truck or loud neighbors on Saturday morning. Indow’s window inserts can help with that.

Indow window inserts are an acrylic glazing lined by their patented Compression Tube. This compression tube creates an airtight seal by pressing against the inside of a window frame without the installation of a mounting bracket. White, black, and brown tubing is available and seven acrylic glazing grades, all of which block draft and reduce outside noise.

Read more about Indow’s window inserts and other ways reduce draft and noise in the recent Charlotte Observer’s article:

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Thomas Hsiao, president of SuperGreen Solutions’ office of the Charlotte region commented, “Mr. Dulley of the Charlotte Observer is absolutely correct in his assessment.  Aside from the high costs of purchasing and replacing older windows, another reason to consider interior inserts such as Indow’s window inserts is to preserve historical architecture.  These inserts allow you to improve your insulation value while keeping the outer appearance of hard wood windows, especially in historical neighborhoods such as Myers Park, Plaza Midwood, and Fourth Ward.”

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