UV Exposure from CFLs… Why You Should Switch to LEDs.


People often ask us whether they should be worried about UV emissions from their CFL light bulbs. The simple answer: YES

CFLs generate light by exciting the Mercury vapor inside the lamp with electricity, generating Ultraviolet radiation, which stimulates the phosphor coating on the inner surface of the glass bulb, causing it to re-radiate most of the Ultraviolet radiation as visible light.

This UV exposure from CFLs is associated with skin cancer, eye problems, skin rashes, and other health problems.

LED lamps, on the other hand, emit no Infrared or Ultraviolet radiation. LED lamps generally create "white" light by using blue LEDs and a phosphor coating which re-radiates some of the blue light as longer wavelength light, which appears as white.

Watch this interesting video to see one test that shows the difference between UV emissions of CFL, LED, and Metal Halide bulbs.

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