Triple Your Savings When You Go Green

It’s true: Floridians can now effectively triple dip in accessing financial support for going green. For example, a homeowner who re- places an old electric hot water unit with an energy-saving solar hot water unit, a hybrid heat pump unit, or tankless gas water heater may take advantage of several rebates (from FPL or FPUC). Over and above this, Federal tax credits of up to 30% can be accessed. For businesses, the added bonus of accelerated deprecation can help offset some of the costs of going green.

Think of it this way: The rebates, tax credits and discounts can account for 50 – 60% of the product cost, and the balance can be paid off, in bite size payments, over a few years (with the money that you would pay to the utility company for power anyway). You end up owning the system and saving a bundle in the long run. It’s a really smart play, as the compounded savings can add up to up to more than $100,000 over the life of the system.

For many it is hard to keep up with where and how to access these rebates, grants and or tax incentives. To this end, I will try to explain what is on offer. The incentives include:

  1. FPUC offers up to $675 in re- bates for converting to tankless gas water heating. See for more information.
  2. FPL offers a $1000 rebate for changing an electric water eater to a solar water heater. See for more information.
  3. FPL also offers solar power rebates to homeowners of $2 per watt for fitting solar power to their homes For example, a 10-kilowatt PV Solar system would net a rebate of $20,000. For businesses, the rebate is increased to $50,000 for a 33- kilowatt solar power system. More information can be found at
  4. The Federal Government offers a tax credit of 30% off of the total installed value for converting to approved, energy- saving products such as solar water heaters, hybrid heat pumps, and tankless gas units, solar power, skylights and solar powered roof ventilators. See for more information.

Some reputable energy efficient product stores and suppliers offer discounts for purchasing two or more Energy Saving Products. SuperGreen Solutions offers ‘Bundle Buy’ discounts worth up to $1,000 for purchasing a 4-kilowatt solar power unit and a tankless gas or hybrid heat pump unit if purchased before February 2012. To further assist in reducing the initial hip pocket pain with the conversion to a more energy efficient home, attractive finance packages can be accessed if required. See for more information or stop by store on Northlake Boulevard.

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