Tesla – Supergreen Solutions test Drive Day in Palm Beach Gardens – A great Success

On Saturday the 9th of July more than 30 Electric vehicle enthusiasts test drove the new Tesla Roadster sports car from outside the SuperGreen Solutions Store on Northlake Blvd in Palm Beach Gardens.

William Nicholas, Florida’s Sales Advisor for Tesla Motors ( based out of Dania Beach ) Said that the day had the makings of being a great success with a few solid prospects produced by the day and that a second test day could be scheduled for the near future. He also said that Supergreen Solutions and Tesla had a similar Clientele as they were all interested in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the environment.

Super Green Solutions Markets a wide range of energy efficient products such as Solar Power ( PV panels ) Wind Turbines and Electric Vehicle charging stations. Sean Cochrane the owner of the local Supergreen Store said that EV’s ( Electric Vehicles ) and Charging’s stations such as the units made by NOVA Charge will be the way of the future. “ We believe that combining USA made products Such as NovaChrage, Charging stations with Electric vehicles such as Tesla with our PV ( Photo Voltaic ) Solar Panels make perfect sense. After all, If we merely charge all the EV’s with Power generated by burning fossil fuels, we have not really achieved much ?

However, If we could create the power required for the Electric Vehicle charging stations from renewable resources such as Wind and Solar, then those EV’s will truly be saving on energy derived from fossil fuels, save money and help to clean the air that we all breath. Said Mr Cochrane.

Joe Vumbaco the Vice President of Sales and Channel Management from NovaCharge, LLC, whom was on site on Saturday demonstrating his new charging stations foresees a time in the near future when there will be more electrically powered vehicles on the road than Combustion engine powered vehicles. “With the converging factors of; the Price of Gas perpetually increasing and the battery range for EV’s increasing to up to 300 Miles, overlaid with more and more EV, Charging stations being deployed. I think we will begin to see an accelerated adoption of EV’s into being mainstream modes of transport. “ Said Mr Vumbaco.

Judging from the above interest in green products as whole and the amount of ‘Green jobs’ being created by this ever growing green sector. It is becoming increasing hard to ignore the benefits and cost savings of this growing market trend.

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