SuperGreen Solutions Cherry Hill Featured in SouthJersey LocalNews

Drew Myers, SuperGreen Solutions franchisee in Cherry Hill, NJ, was recently featured in the SouthJersey LocalNews. Congratulations Drew, on your feature and recently opened store in Cherry Hill, NJ!

Source: SouthJersey LocalNews

Home and business owners around the area can rake in savings while helping preserve the environment thanks to a new business based out of Cherry Hill.

Drew Myers, owner of SuperGreen Solutions of Cherry Hill has opened the energy efficient products company, which Entrepreneur Magazine rated as one of the top new franchises in 2015, at 1871 Route 70 East, Suite 11, Cherry Hill, and is ready to serve people all over the area.

Myers provides products and solutions that will allow customers to save money—while also saving the environment—with solar power, LED lighting and other state-of-the-art technologies. He said even a little savings can go a long way to not only helping the homeowner, but also helping the earth.

“And, as result of using less power, residents and businesses will be reducing their carbon footprint, the amount of carbon dioxide that is released into our environment as a result of their daily activities, so by helping them save money, I’m also helping to preserve our environment for future generations,” Myers said.” Even a little bit of savings within our communities can really add up to tremendous environmental impact when the results are pooled together.”

Prior to this venture, Myers worked as a pharmacist for 12 years, specializing in nuclear pharmacy. Tired of the monotony of his pharmaceutical job and looking for a job that allowed him to interact with customers, he said was looking to do a career 180. With the green initiative gaining traction and a desire to give back to the community, he knew SuperGreen Solutions was the right fit....

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