SuperGreen Solutions celebrates ReVenture Park Grand Unveiling

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Pictured: ReVenture Park

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Pictured: North Carolina Speaker of the House, and 2014 U.S. Senate candidate, Thom Tillis

Thomas Hsiao, President of SuperGreen Solutions Charlotte Region, joined Governor Pat McCrory, House Speaker Thom Tillis, EPA Superfund Division Director Franklin Hill, and a number of other dignitaries to congratulate Tom McKittrick and the whole ReVenture team on their success in transforming the Mount Holly industrial brown field to a Eco industrial park.

The once shuttered manufacturing complex has been turned into a thriving hub of clean energy innovation and eco-friendly technologies, boasting companies within energy and fuel recycling, landfill and wood waste organic gas production, and electrical vehicle production just to name a few.

Environmental Protection Agency Director Hill presented McKittrick and his team with the prestigious EPA Superfund Revitalization Award for their efforts in going above and beyond legal standards to redevelop the site.  As McKittrick put it, “Redeveloping a brown field is not the most glamorous job in the real estate business.  But where other people see ugliness, I see opportunity.”

Hsiao of SuperGreen Solutions added, “It’s great to have visionaries like Tom McKittrick out there taking the large number of brown fields we have in this country and repurposing them for the industries of today.  By the turnout of state leaders at this ceremony, I think the value of what Tom’s team is doing is very clear.”

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