SolaRight Lighting’s LED lights can be used in any outdoor landscape

Designed with both decor and safety in mind, SolaRight Lighting’s LED lights can be used in any outdoor landscape.

SolaRight Lighting offers the first patented, construction-grade LED solar paver tiles and street safety markers in the world. Softly-lit or brilliantly glowing, our lights generate 100% of their energy from the sun—no batteries, wires or maintenance needed.

SolaRight Lighting’s solar LED products charge in less than three hours on a sunny day and about seven hours on a rainy or cloudy day. Operational for a minimum of 16 hours, our lights do not lose any light intensity overnight—regardless of rainy, cloudy or other adverse charging conditions. This is especially crucial for roadway installations, where every second of visibility and reaction time counts.

These lights come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes for safety and beauty in any type of evening landscape,or highway setting. SolaRight Lighting also offers custom styling options, and free professional design services to help you make the most of our lights.

Read more about our Solar Lighting options.

Pictured below: Solaright NST 0808

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