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Caring for Your Water. Caring for Your Family.

Innovative Leaders in Water Treatment Systems for the Home

SuperGreen Solutions Boise carries Puronics leading water treatment equipment. Since 1947 Puronics has provided whole-house and drinking water solutions to hundreds of thousands of customers to improve the quality or their municipal or well water and improve the quality of their lives.

Puronics water products condition and purify millions of gallons of water per year. Many leading restaurants and hotels rely on Puronics solutions, as do dry cleaners, country clubs and other companies. Individuals use the company's systems, providing high quality water throughout their homes, to provide a variety of aesthetic and economic benefits.

Puronics solutions include technologies such as water conditioning, filtering, micro-filtration, ultra-filtration, bacteriostatic carbon filtration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet disinfection. Companies use Puronics solutions for pre-treatment of boilers, hot water heaters, dishwashers and steam-handling equipment as well as other water using appliances. Companies also use Puronics drinking water solutions as a replacement to bottled water. 

Water filtration for your family’s health.

 Puronics® provides them efficient, high quality water softeners, water conditioners, and drinking water systems for the freshest water possible.

Our products condition and purify millions of gallons of water every year.

Puronics Consumer Water Products deliver years of reliable, cost-effective performance. Some of the numerous benefits of the systems are reducing operating expenses, savings on energy, plumbing repairs and general maintenance.

The highest quality water treatment systems.

When it comes to the health and well being of their families and loved ones, our customers appreciate the care we have taken in ensuring they get the best water.

Advanced technologies ensure that contaminants are removed and only clean water is running throughout your home. Puronics systems use various filtering technologies such as:

  • Micro-filtration
  • Ultra filtration
  • Carbon filtration
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Ultraviolet disinfection or sterilization
  • Bacteriostatic water conditioning and filtering

Our products are tested and certified to ensure you have the safest water possible.

The Puronics® Hydronex® whole-house water conditioner provides superior quality water. This cost-effective hi-tech system utilizes a computerized control valve to monitor your water usage and maintain optimal effectiveness of the filter media ensuring you always have the highest quality water. The multi-layered filter media tank combines an outer cover of stainless steel with the durability and protection of two additional layers.

The MicromaxTM 7000 drinking water system is designed to produce crystal clear, clean, great-tasting water. The quality construction and superior performance of this system ensures maximum protection of your family's drinking water for years to come. The 4-stage advanced technology is packaged in a low-profile, sleek, durable design that fits easily under any kitchen sink. Refresh Yourself® with the peace of mind and high quality water that the Puronics® MicromaxTM 7000 provides.

Puronics® was awarded the prestigious Diamond Certified symbol after being rated highest in quality in a customer satisfaction rating performed by American Ratings Corporation.

In order to earn Diamond Certified, a company must apply to be rated by American Ratings Corporation (ARC) and pass each step of its twelve-step rating and certification process. ARC actually pulls a random sample of past customers from the applicant company’s files and surveys customers by telephone. Not only do the customers rate the applicant company on a 1 to 10 scale for quality, but also they indicate their willingness to return or refer other consumers to the company. Most companies can’t pass the rating because a customer satisfaction survey score of greater than 90 on a 100 scale is required. In addition, ARC verifies liability and workers’ compensation insurance, state license status, complaint status, business practices, financial stability and legal judgment status. Additionally, ongoing customer satisfaction surveys are conducted to ensure the Diamond Certified Company is maintaining its high customer satisfaction.

Founded on the development of new technology in 1947, Puronics continues the advancement of technology to ensure the highest quality water such as SilverShield Protection derived from NASA's silver ion technology developed for the Space Shuttle Orbiters.


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