EV charge stations offer considerable financial and sustainable benefits to your home or business

With the growing popularity of energy efficient electric vehicles (EVs), there is an expanding need for widely distributed and publically accessible charging stations.


According to research, the annual sales of electric vehicles rose over 400% from 2011 to 2013. The rise in drivers choosing sustainable methods of transportation shows a clear need for available charging stations.



The new and stylinsh CT4000 ChargePoint Stations allow commercial owners to have a more affordable, customizable, and intuitive way to charge electric vehicles.  We offer two main types of EV stations: the Slow Charge and the Fast Charge. As the names suggest, the Slow Charge, also known as a level 2 charge station, offers a slower charge of 240 volt AC. The Slow Charge is most often used in residential properties for drivers of hybrid/electric cars. On the other hand, the Fast Charge, also known as a level 1 charge station, offers a faster charge of 500 volt DC. The Fast Charge station often charges a small fee for use and recharges the vehicle within a half hour. Safety features cause the EV station to automatically shut off once the electric vehicle is fully charged.

All CT4000 models include standard a robust cord retraction system to eliminate unsightly cords on the ground, and to keep your drivers from having to touch charging cables and improve user experience. CT4000 stations function via an interactive touch-button system that performs in all weather conditions. The operating system can be set up in English, French, and Spanish.

All CT4000 models offer one or two standard SAE J1772TM Level 2 charging ports with locking holsters, each port supplying up to 7.2kW of charge.

CT4000 units are available in bollard and wall mount configurations with one or two charging plug respectively. Each plug requires a Network plan (see accessories tab). The installation will require one station with a Gateway to have internet access via cell modem; up to other 25 stations with our gateway can be installed within 150 feet unobstructed line of sight.


EV charge stations offer considerable financial and sustainable benefits to your home or business. By offering EV charging stations, businesses, schools, residential communities, and curbside parking areas encourage the use of electric or hybrid vehicles, which in turn may raise the profile of the area. Patrons may opt to stay longer at a business with EV charge stations, which can translate to more generated revenue. Electric vehicles support a true return on investment: imagine never again having to worry about gas, oil, or coolant, transmition, or engine upkeep. Therefore, the installation of EV charge stations will positively impact the growth of an eco-friendly environment. The inclusion of EV charge stations in parking areas, storefronts, schools, or businesses supports the overall goal of green sustainability and fosters a more independent relationship with energy.


Past tax credits for the installation of EV charge stations have resulted in a 30% deduction. To learn more about current federal and local tax credits and rebates, contact SuperGreen Solutions. Our experts are available to take you through the process of EV charge installations, step by step and mile by mile.

ChargePoint: CT4000 Family 208/240 VAC 60Hz 30A   

The CT4000 is the latest generation of ChargePoint charging stations. Refined yet rugged, the CT4000 family sets the industry standard for functionality and aesthetics. A robust cord retraction system comes standard on all CT4000 models to eliminate unsightly cords on the ground, and to keep your drivers from having to touch charging cables.

The CT4000 full motion color LCD display instructs drivers while supporting dynamic updates of custom branded videos and advertisements.

The intelligent power sharing feature of the CT4000 doubles the number of parking spaces served by allowing two charging ports to share a single circuit. Sites with single port EV stations can upgrade to dual port stations without requiring additional electrical services.

All CT4000 models offer one or two standard SAE J1772™ Level 2 charging ports with locking holsters, each port supplying up to 7.2kW.

Available in bollard and wall mount configurations, the CT4000 supports easy installation anywhere. To future proof your investment, all stations are fully software upgradeable over the air.

NovaCharge: CT500 Series ChargePoint Home/Residential Wall Mount Unit- 208/240V @ 30A CT503

High Quality Meets Affordability: Introducing the NovaCharger NC-5000 family of commercial charging stations. Built for heavy usage, NC-5000 products are reliable, tamper-proof, and perfect for all weather environments. The NC-5000 series boasts a sophisticated, compact design, and offers the option of an 18’ cord (NC-5018) or a 25’ cord (NC-5025). These high performance stations rival competitive models, at a fraction of the cost. NC-5000 chargers alsofeature a customizable front panel enabling businesses to showcase their brand to its customers and employees, and promote their commitment to environmental sustainability.

There will be a growing need for EV Stations at Shopping Malls, Grocery stores, restaurants, convenience stores, schools, universities and municipal buildings as well as curbside.

Electric Vehicles are the first vehicles in the history of fleet transportation that have a true Return On Investment payback due to not needing to purchase gas, oil, or heavy engine, transmission and coolant system maintenance ever again.

Going Green one step at a time will help positively impact our Global Environment as well as lesson our dependence on domestic and imported fossil fuels.

If you’re a business considering adding EV Charge Stations to your parking area, garage or store front, consider SuperGreen Solutions first. We’re your Local, One Stop Energy Efficient Products Store offering a wide variety of Green Solution products to the Business Owner, Contractors and Home Owners.


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