Super Green Solutions Opens Certified Green Store

A company that promises “one-stop shopping” for all things green has opened on Northlake Boulevard in North Palm Beach.

Super Green Solutions USA, an offshoot of a franchising company with 11 locations under the name Allsafe Energy Efficient Products in Australia, provides insulation, ventilation, skylights, solar power, solar hot water and wind power.

The company says its flagship showroom offers clients visual examples and tools to help them understand and control their energy usage.

Super Green Solutions sought certification from Certified Green Partners, and says it is the first U.S. Flagship Energy Efficient Products store to be Green Certified.

The company also says it has a “greening everything that we do program,” in which it uses a chain-of-custody commercial printer, FSC, recycled paper and recycles everything that it can — from ink cartridges, to paper, packaging, cans, plastic and glass.

The store has large recycling bins and encourages clients to bring in ink cartridges, batteries, fluorescent and compact fluorescent lights for proper recycling.

The company also has switched to using only green cleaning products and has voluntarily banned the use of plastic water bottles — employees use stainless steel reusable water bottles that they refill from an in-house atmospheric water filter and water generator.

“We hope and trust that the building industry, businesses and homeowners alike will see value in our holistic approach to sustainability and favor the promotion and use of energy efficient products,” Sean Cochrane, CEO of Super Green Solutions, said in a statement.

Super Green Solutions is at 3583 Northlake Blvd., North Palm Beach. Phone: 767-8224.

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