Lightning Paks: Explosive power and peace of mind when you need it the most.

All the products from Lil Lightning Inc. have amazing explosive power when you need it the most. These products provide peace of mind to our customers. We have all been there, when you go to start your car, boat, etc… and the battery is dead. The Lightning Pak product line will save you time and again in stressful times. Simply hook up the provided jumper cables, hit the power button and start your car! Each unit comes with an easy to follow user guide. The RP2 and the RP Ultra Slim will also charge your portable device, iPad, phone, laptop, etc.

An amazon reviewer wrote:

Mind blown. Works as advertised. A coworker left his lights on all day in the parking lot. HR came by around 3PM to let him know his lights were left on. When we got to his car, the engine would not even turn over. After finding the right jump point on his car, (A toyota prius) we connected the jumper and the car started right up. This is the second vehicle I've jumped already with no problems.

Lightning Paks are available at SuperGreen Solutions – Boise 

SuperGreen Solutions-Boise offers several different models for whatever your lifestyle and needs are. Surprisingly, considering how small our battery packs actually are, they contain the most power of any available on the market. After receiving a full charge from either the included home or car charger our units can hold charge up to 6 months. Our units are good for day to day charging, but they are also incredible for those “just in case” moments. With Lightning Pak there is no need to flag anyone down to try and scrounge up jumper cables. Simply, hook up your Lightning Pak and you will be on the road in no time.

Another reviewer said:

It's a life saver. I lost my previous one and needed to replace it. It's a handy item to keep in your car or carry in the saddlebags of you motorcycle. The charge pack is the size of an iPhone 4s and light weight.

And then there is this feedback:

Works terrific. Bought it just before a week long road trip on the Motorcycles and sure glad I did. Played the stereo a little to long while waiting for friends then bike battery was dead. Within just a couple minutes from start to finish had the bike running again thanks to this thing. Don't leave home without it!

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