Intersolar North America Brings Together the World’s Largest Solar Companies


The world’s largest solar companies have geared up for this year’s Intersolar North America show, held in San Francisco. The event, held from July 7- 10th, will attract homeowners, businesses, and utilities.  They represent everything from next-generation solar panels to robots that assemble solar cells, but it is the batteries that store solar energy that everyone is talking about.

These batteries connect to a solar panel system and store energy during the day to be used later at night, during a grid blackout, or even to be paired with an electric vehicle.

Part of the excitement surrounding these grin batteries is from the huge bet that Tesla Motors and solar installer SolarCity are making on lithium ion batteries. Tesla is building a massive battery factory in the U.S., and the batteries will be used for cars and paired with Solar City’s solar panel systems.

Energy storage are predicted to rise tremendously over the next 5 years, due to the combination of the growth of solar, state mandates, and more unpredictable weather causing blackouts. IHS, a research firm, is predicting that the energy storage market will grow from 0.35 GW in 2013 to 40 GW by 2022. U.S. will be the largest market, followed by Germany and Japan.

Thomas Hsiao, President of SuperGreen Solutions’ offices in the Charlotte region noted, “Our partners at Tesla Motors conveyed their excitement about the future of battery storage to the guests at our recent Charlotte office grand opening.  With partners, such as BYD America and Tesla Motors, SuperGreen Solutions will be positioned to help our region become more energy independent with better and lower costing technology.”

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