For All-In-One Reliable Power Storage Use Humless Solar Generators

Equivalent To 7,300 Gallons Of Gasoline Over 10 Years

Why should you stop into our store TODAY and ask about this great renewable energy solution?

Take advantage of the fact the Humless Solar Generators are:

EASY-TO-USE: All-in-one portable power storage generator with zero configuration and zero maintenance.

SMALL & LIGHT: More portable and easier to move than any equivalent portable solar power generator

LONG-LASTING: Use all you paid for (7+ to 10+ years high reliability)

They're an all-in-one reliable power source!

An reviewer, G.R.B. said:

This product is well built and performs as described. I also purchased two 90 watt solar panels and some Humless cabling that allow the system to recharge during longer power outages. The panels fully charge the Sentinel in about 4 hours, and are plug and play - meaning the twist-on connectors hooked up in seconds without any hassles at all. This means I can use the device during the day and still have some power for the evening hours. I still have the portability and it stores in a small closet space with the solar cables running up to my roof.

The customer service team in was very helpful answering questions during a few telephone calls to verify that coupling the Sentinel to their solar panels along with my "install skills" would get the job successfully done. I'm happy with the purchase and results.

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