Huffington Post Interviews Jim Gehrman

Jim Gehrman of SuperGreen Solutions Newnan, GA was recently interviewed by the Huffington Post. In the article, Jim talks about his transition from President/CEO of a major paper manufacturer to a small business owner.

In the article, Jim also provides some excellent insight as to business and becoming part of a franchise system.

Jim Gehrman doesn't argue the question of global climate change. That's not the issue as far as he's concerned: "It's really not my spot to take one stance or another. All I know is that there's some change going on. You can see it around you every day. I just know that if we're wrong, and if we are affecting climate change, we can't go back."

Inspired and motivated by his son, a recent college graduate, Jim went from being the President/CEO of a major paper manufacturing company in the Northeast, to being a renewable energy entrepreneur as a franchisee of Supergreen Solutions, a two-year-old company that acts as advisor, provider and installer of domestic and commercial energy efficient solutions. After decades climbing the corporate ladder in an industry that he now views as less and less sustainable, he came to a crossroads where he began to seriously consider the legacy that he was leaving to the world, and particularly to his family. It was his son who got under his skin by asking him whether or not he wanted to "die as a net polluter."

In early 2015, having left the paper industry and moved to Georgia, Jim decided to change his destiny, and insure that legacy. He opened up his Supergreen Solutions franchise, and is discovering the entrepreneurial life in his early 50s for the first time.

Read the full article at: Huffington Post

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