Harley-Davidson’s Project LiveWire Experience Tour Stops in Charlotte


Harley-Davidson's full electric motorcycle, LiveWire




Thomas Hsiao, president of SuperGreen Solutions’ office of the Charlotte region, rides a LiveWire


Harley Davidson, arguably the most iconic and traditional of motorcycle makers, has taken a new turn into the future of riding… a fully electric motorcycle, called LiveWire.

Over the next few months, Harley Davidson is taking this concept around the country. Last weekend, they stopped in Charlotte, NC, where SuperGreen Solutions partnered with Harley Davidson during the 3 day event.

After the event, Thomas Hsiao, president of SuperGreen Solutions’ office of the Charlotte region commented, “SuperGreen Solutions is excited that a mainstream, iconic company such as Harley Davidson is helping advance zero emissions transit. This will bring a lot of consumers that didn't believe that being green would fit into their lifestyle. We welcome Harley Davidson and their fans into the family of sustainable and energy efficient minded companies.”

The LiveWire’s 55 Kilowatt electric motor (74 horsepower) produces a lot of torque. But even when going from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4 seconds, you will not hear this motorcycle make much noise. It sounds like a soft, electric zoom sound, much different than the traditional rumbling that Harleys make.

Harley-Davidson does admit that this is a concept, not a prototype. It has built 40 electric LiveWires to test rider reaction across the country indicates just how much of an impact electric motorcycles have had in a few short years, and where the future of riding may go.

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