Harley-Davidson Introduces Their Version of an Electric Vehicle


For a company that is known for rumbling V-twin engines down an open road, the idea of an electric Harley may seem absurd. But times are changing and even Harley-Davidson knows this means thinking outside of the box.

This week, Harley-Davidson is taking a few dozen of their new electric motorcycles, called LiveWires, on tour. Starting in New York and continuing through the U.S. and Europe, the company is inviting people in each city to check out the bike and give feedback.

“Any business has always got to look ahead to see where customers are interested in going, and see where society might be going,” says Mark-Hans Richer, Chief Marketing Officer for Harley-Davidson.

Because the motorcycle is electric, therefore has no engine, the LiveWire makes a futuristic sound that resembles the high pitch zoom of an airliner taking to the air.

But don’t let this fool you, the LiveWire offers 74 horsepower, 52 foot-pounds of torque and a top speed of 92 mph. With the ability to hit 60 mph in under 4 seconds, its got more torque and power than Harley’s Iron 883.

The bike uses a lithium-ion battery with a range of 53 miles and takes about 3.5 hours to fully charge.

“It is great to see industry icons, like Harley-Davidson, stepping into the forefront of green technologies that is marketable to a new generation of bikers, as well as existing, Harley enthusiast. With a sleek and stylish look, along with power, it is sure to attract a younger, urban buyer to the brand," said Thomas Hsaio, President of SuperGreen Solutions of the Mid-Atlantic Charlotte office.

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