Earth Day: How are you celebrating?

In 1970, when Earth Day was first celebrated, around 20 million people across the country demonstrated support of saving the environment. Since then, we have become environmentally conscious and there have been many new ways of reducing our carbon footprint throughout the years.

One of the greatest achievements in saving our
environment was when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was established in 1970 which has helped us improved our environment by:

  • Reducing air pollution such as: carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen oxide, volatile organic compounds, direct particulate matter, and sulfur dioxide.
  • Supporting new technology to reduce consumption in energy such as electricity and fuel.
  • Encouraging recycling of non biodegradable items making the following the top five items: Aluminum cans, plastics, cardboard boxes, paper and clothing.


Earth Day turns 45 today and it is being observed in 192 countries with festivals, rallies and environmental activities.
While some attend to environmental events, others do other things such as planting new trees or helping recycling.



Here are some of the events that our Queen City is celebrating with:

  • CMPD has partnered with KCB (Keep Charlotte Beautiful), KMB (Keep Mecklenburg Beautiful) and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Solid Waste Management. They’re handling the annual littering operating catching  violations from dropping a cigarette to a sandwich wrappeimagesr. That includes debris unsecured in a vehicle. This will go on for 24 hours and it began last night at midnight and will end tonight at midnight.
  • The Palmer Building will be hosting the Sustain Charlotte Awards this evening at 5:30pm. They will honor local organizations in different categories such as: land use, food, transportation and more. For more information and tickets click here.
  • The Earth Fare grocery chain will hand out some free groceries to a few lucky shoppers. People with Earthbound Farm products in their carts could be selected to receive all of their items for free, if you shop between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. There are locations in Ballantyne, South Park, and Huntersville.


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