Do You Really Understand Global Warming?

On Thursday, February 27th, two of the world's leading scientific groups released an easy guide explaining what they know, what they are still learning, and what you should know about global warming.

The guide, Climate Change: Evidence and Causes, explains that despite this year's cold winter, concerns of the worsening man-made global warming, severe weather, melting Arctic ice caps, rising sea levels, and acidifying the oceans are real.

At the unveiling of the publication in Washington, D.C., co-author Inez Fung of the University of California-Berkeley stated, "Actions today have long-term consequences."  Fung went on to explain that heat-trapping carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels linger in the atmosphere for a long time. It could take thousands of years for Earth to return to a pre-industrial temperature and fossil fuel level.

The guide answers a total of 20 key questions about climate change, including How do scientist know that recent climate change is caused by humans?, If global warming is true, why are there still cold winters and summers?,  What is ocean acidification and why does it matter?, and Should we really be concerned about a climate changes of only a few degrees?

Authors, from both the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and the UK's scientific academy Royal Society, say CO2 concentrations are higher than they have been in over 800,000 years.  Unless we take action, the planet could continue to warm between 4.7 and 8.6 degrees Fahrenheit by 2100.

Thomas Hsiao, Charlotte Mid-Atlantic Regional President of SuperGreen Solutions added, “Although the global warming epidemic may be difficult for most of us to see from day to day, the long term data Professor Fung presents in her guide is irrefutable.  We can all do our small part to slow, or even reverse, these trends by adapting energy conserving habits and energy efficient products such as LED lighting, tankless water heaters, or even rooftop solar PV systems in our daily lives."

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