Business Leaders See Climate Effects and Want Change


pictured: EPA Administrator, Gina McCarthy


SuperGreen Solutions’ Charlotte office participated in a private call with EPA Administrator, Gina McCarthy who expanded on the recent energy proposals from the Obama Administration. Last year, President Obama reviled a climate action plan with the goal to cut carbon pollution, prepare for the climate change, and provide leadership to the world in developing a global solution to climate change.

As part of the president’s climate action plan, the EPA introduced the Clean Power Plan, a plan to reduce carbon pollution from our power plans. The plan aims to limit carbon, which is not only a climate risk, but also a risk to human health, businesses, the economy, and job growth.

EPA studies show that the American people and businesses see that the impact of climate is here and they want action. Taxpayers are the ones who suffer when our cities are affected by natural disasters. In addition, the EPA estimates there will be $90 billion in public health and climate benefits.

“The EPA’s regulations on power plants are flexible and that is what makes it achievable,” said McCathy.”  “The proposal is an investment strategy and it will expand economic opportunities.  The demand for low carbon energy will cause the economies of states, such as Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and many others to grow.”

Historically the EPA has proven that reducing pollution is possible while keeping energy reliable and growing the economy. In the past, air pollution was cut by 70% while the economy tripled.

Thomas Hsiao, president of SuperGreen Solutions’ office of the Charlotte region commented, “Although there are many challenges anytime policy changes are involved the EPA’s Clean Power Plan is a necessary step towards reduction in pollution and its effects on economy.”

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