2014 European Solar Decathlon Announces Winner


The 2014 European Solar Decathlon concluded yesterday and announced the Rhome for denCity project the overall competition winner. A total of 20 sustainable houses and 800 competitors from 16 countries presented their different ideas on the future of sustainable living in the inner city.

The goal of the European Solar Decathlon is to promote, educate, and drive forward the development of sustainable architecture and solar power.

Rhome for denCity


Students from Rome’s Universita Delgi Studi Di Roma Tre designed a 645 sq ft apartment that represented the top floor of a four-story complex. The apartment features a solar panel system that covers the entire roof and one side of the building. The panels can be adjusted up to 15 degrees in order to catch the optimal amount of sun rays depending on the time of day. In addition, the Rhome apartment includes plenty of natural ventilation and the ability for an future expansion if needed.

Of the 20 projects, there were a couple others that caught SuperGreen Solutions’ eye:

Adaptive House


Students from King Meghuts University of Technology, Thailand designed a home, inspired by traditional Thai architecture, but is raised 2ft off the ground and incorporates materials, such as shipping containers, bamboo plants, sandwich foamed polyurethane, and fiber cement panels for insulation. In addition, the rooftop displays solar panels that are hooked up to large batteries.  In Thailand where natural disasters, such as flooding is a serious concern, the Adaptive House is well suited.

Maison Reciprocity


The Maison Reciprocity was created through a partnership between US-based Appalachian State University and France's Université d’Angers. These students prefabricated a two-story modular home to be the blueprint for sustainable townhouse construction. This home features thermal insulation, energy-efficient appliances, and an brise-soleil (sun shading system), solar panels, and a rainwater collection system.

“We are very proud that students from North Carolina’s Appalachian State University have joined the 2014 European Solar Decathlon and are offering a great design for sustainable living,” said Thomas Hsiao, president of SuperGreen Solutions’ office in the Charlotte region. “There are many ways that homes and buildings can be designed to be energy efficient. With products, such as solar power, LED lighting, skylights, insulation, and ventilation on the market everyone can find a way to become more sustainable no matter their geography.”

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Source: Solar Decathlon Europe

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