Filtración y Purificación de Agua Para Uso Residencial y Comercial

SuperGreen Solutions - Water Filtration

From the dawn of time, water has been a necessity. Water hydrates us, and allows us to clean, cook, and bathe. Without water, we could not sustain life. Here in the U.S., most of us use water from the public water supply. This water is filtered to protect us from disease and contamination. But traces of chemicals used to filter the water can have an impact on our homes and businesses. Water filtration products can protect us from these chemicals.


We offer several water filtration products, including the atmospheric water machine, a generator that works similarly to a dehumidifier, but puts the water through several filters with the end result of water that's free from bacterial and airborne particles. The rate of produced water hinges on two things: the first is the amount of humidity in the air and the second is the atmospheric water machine's capacity to pass water over the coils, cooling it to its dew point and producing water. These water filter systems can produce several gallons of water, while keeping family or coworkers safe from chemicals added through the filtration process. SuperGreen Products also offers water filtration systems for residential or commercial use.


The health benefits of a water filtration system for the home or business are manifold. Most water filtered through the public water system has been treated with trace amounts of chlorine and other potentially carcinogenic or dangerous chemicals. While chlorine and other chemicals eliminate bacteria and viruses from our water, they also force us to drink or bathe in water containing residual amounts of these chemicals. For example, chlorine contains a byproduct that is a potential carcinogen. While these traces of chlorine must stay in the public water system, water filtration systems for residential or commercial spaces can eliminate chlorine and other potentially dangerous pollutants. A water filtration system may protect you from future health issues by giving you access to water without these residual chemicals.

Our water filtration systems won't just give you the sparkling clean water that you deserve; they will also save you money in the long run. The installation of a water filtration product can significantly cut down on the use of bottled water. Research has shown that bottled water may not include any fewer pollutants than tap water. Additionally, the production of plastic water bottles uses fossil fuels and other precious resources that could be conserved if we just eliminated plastic water bottle use from our daily lives.

Ahorre En Su Negocio

5 jarras de galón utilizados en oficinas coste promedio es de entre $ 5.00 – $ 10.00 por entrega.

Ahorre En Su Hogar

Bottled su costo promedio del agua es de $ 0,50 y $ 5,00 por galón.