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Are you Prepared for a Natural Disaster?

Pictured: Hurricane Sandy   On Thursday, SuperGreen Solutions of Charlotte participated in a private call with FEMA, an organization who focuses on supporting US citizens and first responders to prepare for, prevent, respond to, and recover from disasters. During the call, FEMA explained how small businesses can better prepare their employees in the case of…
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Clean Air Is the Question Odorox is the Answer

Clean Air Is the Question Odorox is the Answer By Bryan Pax Indoor Air Pollution? When people think of air pollution, the first thing that typically comes to mind is that thick, billowing black smoke you see spouting from factories and other industrial buildings. But air pollution doesn’t just occur outside; it can accumulate in…
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Solar Powered Military Suits on the Horizon

Flexible solar energy harvesters integrated into U.S. soldier’s backpacks, helmets, and jackets could soon be powering electronic devices in the field. The U.S. Army and a start-up company called MC10 has signed a contract to convert its solar cell technology into functional battery chargers for military use. The goal of the project is to show…
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